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Annual Biosafety Inspections

The Office of Laboratory Safety (OLS) performs *mandatory* inspections in all research laboratories during the summer. These inspections are used to evaluate the implementation of appropriate laboratory safety principles and practices, identify any deficiences, and provide guidance to assist lab personnel to create a safer laboratory environment. Lab inspections also facilitate compliance with applicable research and laboratory safety regulations, standards and guidelines.

NOTE: The Biosafety inspection is different from the lab inspection conducted by HEMS Chemical Safety.

Resources for Inspections

The Biosafety inspection checklist is aligned with requirements described in Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL), the NIH recombinant DNA Guidelines and GWU Biosafety Manual and policies. The inspection team will provide recommendations detailed information regarding containment requirements, GWU policies, disinfectants, waste disposal procedures, training,etc. 

Biosafety Inspection Checklist

Please use this checklist to ensure that your laboratory will be in compliance prior to your inspection: Inspection Checklist

Inspection Process

The inspection team utilizes document review, observation, and interactive dialog with the Principal Investigator and lab personnel present. All team members are encouraged to participate with questions or comments. OLS personnel will usually guide the inspection process utilizing the inspection checklist as a road map. The inspection begins with a review of the Lab Biosafety Manual Binder (containing lab-specific training, documentation of training, a copy of GW’s Biosafety Manual, approved IBC protocol paperwork, emergency contact details, spill cleaning procedures) and concludes with a review of any observed deficiencies. 

Schedule Your Inspection

You may schedule your biosafety inspection by visiting the booking site here.

Inspection Follow Up

The OLS will send the Principal Investigator and lab contact person an email listing the deficiencies found and resources to aid in correction. Upon completion of the corrections, the Principal Investigator and/or lab contact person emails OLS. Personnel from OLS may revisit the lab to ensure compliance and answer any additional questions. Upon successful completion of all outstanding items, the PI will receive an email confirming the inspection is complete.