Report an Incident

Accidents will occur in laboratories, however, it is the responsibility of researchers and investigators to report these incidents to Risk Management as well as OLS. This communication is extremely important to ensure compliance with reporting requirements, both external and internal. To report an incident, please download and complete the Authorization for Medical Treatment form below and follow the link beneath it to complete the Risk Management incident reporting webform. Please note that this webform is only accessible via the Internet Explorer browser. If you do not have access to Internet Explorer, you may download and complete a hard copy of the form here. Please submit the form(s) to Risk Management at [email protected] IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE OCCURRENCE. Please submit copies of the form(s) to OLS at [email protected].

Note: The following incident types also follow the above reporting requirements:

  • Accidents involving needles or other sharps
  • Accidental exposure to blood or other infectious matter
  • Accidental exposure to toxins and hazardous chemicals
  • Animal research accidents

Authorization for Medical Treatment (PDF)

Risk Management Incident Reporting Webform