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Lab Glove Usage

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(Wearing Gloves in Common Areas)

Gloves should never touch door handles, elevator buttons, telephones, card swipes, or any surfaces outside of the laboratory.

               ONE GLOVE RULE

If you transport materials from labs through common areas, use an ungloved  hand to touch common surfaces and a gloved hand to carry the items. 

Best lab safety practice is to package the material to allow handling the outer package without gloves and to contain the material if it were dropped.


Wearing gloves outside  of the laboratory is not advised. When transporting chemicals, use carts, bottle carriers or secondary containment trays.

Use an UNGLOVED hand to touch common surfaces, and a gloved hand if you carry hazardous materials outside the laboratory.


Gloves should never touch door handles, elevator buttons, telephones,

lavatory faucets, or other common surfaces.