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CDC & USDA Import Permits

CDC Import Permit

The CDC Import Permit Program, is responsible for the regulation of the importation of infectious biological materials that could cause disease in humans in order to prevent their introduction and spread into the U.S.

The following material require import permits:

  • Infectious biological agents capable of causing illness in humans
  • Materials known or reasonably expected to contain an infectious biological agent
  • Vectors of human disease (such as insects or bats)

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USDA Import Permit

Import Permits are issued to allow importation into the United States of: organisms that may cause disease in livestock and poultry, vectors that could carry livestock and poultry pathogens, and/or organisms or vectors that were exposed to animal(s) or animal product(s) outside of the United States.  

GW researchers need to establish a Level 2 account. This could take a minimal time of 3 days to complete. Once your account has been eAuthenticated you can login and apply for a permit.
Please follow the steps below:
  • Fill out the online create an account form – Level 2 access. An email confirmation will be sent from the USDA regarding the customer profile you submitted.
  • Within 7 days of receipt of that email, you must confirm that you received the confirmation message so they know your email account is accurate and exists.
  • Following the confirmation email exchange, go to a USDA Service Center where a USDA employee will activate your account. The USDA site will direct you on this. You must bring a government-issued ID (State driver’s license or photo ID, U. S. passport or U. S. Military ID).
  • Once you have an activated account, you are required to update your password at your next login to meet the Level 2 Access password requirement. Approximately 1 hour after you have updated your password, you will have access to USDA applications & services that require a Level 2 account.

Guidance on the requirements for USDA Permits is available via the internet; via Email at [email protected]; by phone at 301-851-3300, option 3; and by FAX at 301-734-3652.